Good things are happening. Been crazy motivated these past two days.

Art progress is slow, but somewhat there. Koi wants me to do a stream. Might just happen one of these days. Who knows.

Some videogames have character creators.

And some have characters creators.

Really need to clean up this blog when I come back for good. The art-to-text ratio is terrible.

For now I’ll be going through some posts and blogs to see what I missed.

Apologies for the ongoing inactivity. I am largely busy with real life issues as well as trying to improve and getting over myself. So the hiatus will continue for a while longer.

To my surprise, my absence seems to gain me followers. Y’all a crazy bunch.

Also shoutout to all my skype pals: I’m terrible at mantaining contact.

These recent days I’ve been working on paper again. A lot. And it made me realize just how much better it feels to keep an eye on your hands when you draw.

I’m seriously ogling with a certain Cintiq model. I can afford it but then my hard reserve would be gone. If I were to buy that, I would have to do lots of commissions to get the money back since my current duties don’t allow for a mini or fulltime job.

It’s quite a dilemma. I REALLY wish I had one of these monitor tablets, cause I think that would allow me to work more naturally and improve my art a LOT, but on the other hand I don’t know if I should much my wallet.

Here’s something for all the Guilty Gear fans among my followers.

Heads up

Not dead.

Just figured I’d let you know.

For those who don’t know yet. David Wise apparently returns for DKCR: Tropical Freeze.

Have a sample.

(I’m late with this aren’t I?)

Far too fitting.

In other news, Dark Souls 2 releases in less than two months.

Shame I’ll still be broke by then.

Sometimes I wonder if my stuff influences, motivates or inspires people.

If not, I hopefully get there one day.

Just a little warning. I decided to not upload any art for a bit.  Not until I felt that I made some real progress.

Should that bother you in some way, well you know where the unfollow button is.


One step forth, two steps back.

I wanna get pumped. Give me your hardest, fastest, most energetic music.